My parents have a very old home up in North Vancouver that needed to either be fully remodelled, or probably demolished. I mean, everything needed to be changed – the house was nearly 80 years old. We knew it would be an expensive job regardless of where we looked, but we wanted to make sure that at the very least, we got a great home remodelling service.

I did a lot of research on the internet, asked many colleagues, and spent a lot of time planning out the renovations. After about two weeks, I decided to go with Home Renovation Vancouver. I told them exactly what I had envisioned and how I wanted it to all be done. The next few days were very tolling on my mind and I was beginning to worry about my decision making and was becoming uncertain about how I wanted the home to look.

I periodically checked in every few days – couldn’t really see what was going on other than the disassembly of the old setup. In the last 20 days or so, you could really see how beautiful the home was becoming! I didn’t let my parents see the house until it was fully finished, and we couldn’t even recognize it. The kitchen was luxurious and pristine (same with the bathroom) and the whole dynamic of the home changed, exactly how I envisioned it. Really glad to have found the right firm from the get-go – they are competent and absolutely professional!



Home Renovation Vancouver is the best. Our family has been putting off renovating our old home for years now, but it was becoming too much to handle. This house was beginning to fall apart and when I asked a friend which company to go with, they recommended this one. I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing since I knew I was going to be spending a lot regardless.

I needed a new kitchen, both bathrooms renovated, flooring, and reconfiguration of some of the rooms. Essentially it was a big job to do. I told Mike exactly how I wanted it to look, and I also showed him some pictures from the internet of what kind of style I had in mind, and he replicated them almost exactly. The home is brighter and has a new feel to it, the laminate flooring is excellent, and we love the new kitchen. 

I don’t know what my experiences would have been like with another company in Vancouver, but I was fortunate enough to get a good team from the beginning. I can highly recommend Home Renovation Vancouver for any remodelling project – they are completely professional and followed my instructions exactly. Annie


I no longer live in BC, but I thought I’d leave a review for the sake of leaving a review. My family and I were relocating to a different Province and in order to sell my house for the best price, I figured I should probably have it remodelled, considering the house itself was nearly 50 years old. Our home appraisal concluded that our home in Vancouver was worth approximately $950,000 due to its condition.

My location wasn’t the best, but I saw what other homes were going for in the area and I felt I’d be robbed to let it go in that price range. I called Home Renovation Vancouver in order to re-do everything; they practically rebuilt the house. Now everything is brand new and the house looked absolutely fantastic (I almost didn’t want to move anymore). Last month it was sold for upwards of $1,200,000, and the cost to renovate was <$50,000. 

Considering I sold the house for way more than I was expected to, I am very happy. I have no complaints, and I can definitely say that this a group of highly trained and focused individuals. Robb